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Friday, December 7, 2007

Hanukkah: garlic sprouts, wilted greens, and freezing weather

The garlic is up--soft green sprouts that don't look like they should be able to make it in this cold--and the chard and mustard are soldiering on, but they've seen better days. (The photo is garlic planted a year ago, harvested in July.)

Still, we're eating greens from our own garden and from across the river (WWC garden) -- the bok choy from the college has been super-yummy these days. I always forget how sumptuous those big chunky white stems are with a little ginger and coconut oil. Mmmm.

It's winter for sure, and yome living is more challenging than in the summer and fall months. We're hunkering down with the seed catalogues, especially my favorite, from the fabulous Seed Savers Exchange, which came in the mail this week.

Happy Hanukkah - CP and LJ and I lit the menorah the other night on Houston Street, and the warm little flames felt so welcome. And bring on the solstice....I'm ready for the return of the Sun!

Next year we'll have cold frames set up, so the garden won't be quite as dejected this time of year.



H. Pap said...

Beautiful .
i guess the yome is warm enough when you bundle up. You could read "A year in the Maine Woods" and maybe feel almost tropical. LOL.
hey your post says 5 am - what the heck ?!

Anonymous said...

If there were to be a pilot / limited / CSA , what if you wee to post what you will be ordering. - You know, so the rest of us[slackers] could be imagining the local food headed our way.
:) H.Pap

H.Pap said...

still trying to figure out this blogging thing.