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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Farming as Fashion?!?

I just read an article from the NY Times fashion and style section which heralds the "new fashion" of young farmers. Its tone is deeply irritating and condescending, but at least the information is getting out there in some form or another ("Some young urbanites are starting to put their muscles where their pro-environmental, anti-globalization mouths are.") At left is a pic of some sweet and well-intentioned looking liberal arts majoring new farmers, from the article, "Leaving the Trucker Hat Behind," which starts off with the tart barb, "Their carhartts are no longer ironic."

They do get some things right (sort of) though, and I suppose it is encouraging that getting into growing food is enough of a trend to get the attention of the NYT, even if it is the style section.

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Jordana said...

Oh my gosh! You and Christopher made it into the New York Times Fashion section!!! The resemblance is uncanny!