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Monday, January 26, 2009

Grow Food

I love the idea of creating these Obama-esque images to replace the cult of personality/idol worship aspect of Obamamania with power-to-the-people.  What excites me most about the Obama presidency is the increased potential for power to spread out among more of us, for all of us to be agents of change, for all of us to put hope into action.  I am not counting on Barack to fix everything or even to do the right thing all of the time.  I am counting on us to hold him accountable and wield our own power to make positive change in the world.  

At an anti-Prop 8 rally, my friend K. and I inadvertantly ended up holding a banner that said "People of Faith for Just Relationships." We laughed about it because we are people of faith, deep faith, but not necessarily in the way that the words on the banner were meant. I have faith not so much in a "higher power" but in a deeper, broader, more universal power--the power that resides in all of us and in all life.  I have faith in the power of community, of creativity, of the earth and her living systems, of people coming together. I believe in the healing and redemptive power of love, compassion, and active hope. I have faith in our power to heal and to regenerate, and in the planet's power to heal and regenerate.  

So here's to being a person of faith ... and to an ethic of shared power and power-from-within replacing the ethic of power-over.

And more power to ya!

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Dana said...

Word. Your post got me all teary. (Wait, I think I talked about being all teary the last time I commented here. Well, I guess it's time for the cat to be released from the bag-I can be quite a teary gal.)