The Milkweed Diaries

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late Snow and Green Things

Woad, an ancient and hearty medicinal and ceremonial plant, holding its own in the snow

Sometime before the sun went down yesterday, the snow started falling. We stoked the fire in the hoophouse, tucked row cover over our raised beds, checked to make sure everything outside was mulched heavily, and generally battoned down the hatches.  

The snow is still coming down, in heavy wet flakes, and the thermometer is hovering around freezing.  But it's in the 60s in the greenhouse, and the young plants are looking perfectly happy in their warm black plastic homes.  And even in outside in the garden without the protection of the hoophouse, the hardy early spring stalwarts  are looking strong.  

I've been literally keeping the home fires burning today.  As the sun has gradually burned off the fog, it's turned into a beautiful snowy spring day with robins hopping around on the bright green spring grass while delighfully incongrous fat white snow flakes swirl around them.


Valerian in the garden

Leeks and Catnip

Basil seedlings in the hoophouse

Tiny rainbow chard already showing its colors

Cucumber babies!

The first artichoke


MasterpieceMom said...

Sounds beautiful! Thanks for the garden pics. I love to see other gardens in NC for ideas and tips.

Jordana said...

Hey, that's my swiss chard! and my cucumbers! and my basil! hi little seedlings! I can't wait to grow you in my garden!

on a side note-made kombucha with peach black tea and omg, it is so delicious! Adam says it is a great chaser for his single malt scotch!