The Milkweed Diaries

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Full Bloom

Photos from this morning in the garden:

Dino Kale


A whole lot of garlic and potatoes

Valerian & Ironweed

Onions, leeks, and brassicas

Love in a Mist

Leeks flowering, with sorrel in the background

The incredible, edible day lily


Red Milkweed


ceciliabrie said...

Day lilies are edible???

Milkweed said...

Hi Brie!
Yep. Amazing, huh?

We put the petals in salads ... so elegant! All parts of the plant are edible: shoots, buds, petals, and tubers.

We mostly eat the flowers, which have a buttery texture. I hardly ever cook them, since they are so easy and pretty raw, but you can fry them or add them to soups and stirfries.

Here's a good article on the delights of eating daylilies, "Having your Flowers and Eating Them Too" :

silver said...

yum to the daylilies!!...though i've read they can cause stomach upset in some.

awesome dino kale shot--very mandala!