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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Black Spanish Round Radish

Black Spanish Round Radishes, size small. . .

. . . medium. . .

. . .and LARGE.

I've been growing Black Spanish Round radishes for three years now, with both Spring and Fall plantings. I love them. They are reliable, they last forever in the garden and in storage, and are one of the easiest things I've ever grown.

The Black Spanish Round is a very old heirloom radish, grown in Spain since at least the 16th Century and probably long before. It was brought to the new world by conquistadors and grown by early white settlers in North America.

The skin of the Black Spanish Round is so rough and thick that the black root almost seems inedible at first glance. But that craggy, tough exterior is what protects the tender, spicy, crisp, and pure-white flesh of the Black Spanish Round. The thick, tough skin protects the Black Spanish Round for months of storage in the ground, in the root cellar, in the fridge, and apparently even in the holds of ships crossing the Atlantic.

Inside the Black Spanish Round radish.

Our fall radishes are coming in fast these days. I'm at somewhat of a loss to know what to do with the radish abundance. I'm pickling the small ones whole in brine, and made a bunch of radish relish earlier this week.

I did find a farm website with some interesting recipes for Black Spanish Round radishes, but I'm still looking for radish suggestions. I'd be curious to hear if anyone out there has radish preparation and preservation experience. If any of y'all are doing anything interesting with radishes, let me know!

Small, medium and large radishes ready for action.

More about the Black Spanish Round on Foodista:

Black Spanish Round Radish on Foodista


jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Very Interesting.

What was your seed source?

Milkweed said...

Hey Jack,
Fedco has them, and as usual is cheaper than anywhere else...I know that Southern Exposure Seed Exchange also sells them. Possibly also Seed Savers Exchange?

They really are excellent keepers, and perform so well with neglect!

Aimee said...

I have no idea what the variety is called, but have you ever by chance seen the radishes that they use in Oaxaca for carving on "the night of the radishes," December 23rd? They are red, and larger than daikon. Some of them are as large as your leg. And the amazing carvings they make... creches, scale models of the cathedral, replicas of the pyramid of the sun... it's absolutely mind blowing.

kimberly said...

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stephanie said...

My favorite food in the whole world is lacto-fermented black radish. I slice into sticks, place in 1 qt jars with each 1 Tbsp. sea salt, 4 Tbps. raw whey (or other inoculant, or omit), and top with water. I leave it on the counter for about 3 days and into the fridge. This is the first year I'm growing them - planted mid-August and praying for a mid success so I can make many, many quarts!