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Friday, May 23, 2008

Heirloom tomatoes and the local food guide....


Pruden's Purple

Golden Sunray

Cream Sausage

We just finished planting 39 heirloom tomato plants....woohoo!

Most of the varieties, including those pictured above are from seeds from Baker Creek via Sugar Creek Farm, where we're taking our greenhouse and gardening class, except one variety, some Sungold seedlings I bought at the farmers market from Patryk Battle of Sparkling Earth Farm.

Planting tomatoes...broccoli, cauliflower, and garlic in the foreground.

We planted 15 varieties: Pruden's Purple, Cream Sausage, Roma Rio Grande, Orange Banana, Golden Sunray, Carbon, Foxcherry, Sungold, Red Fig, Mama Leon, German Tree, Sarah Black Purple, Belize Pink Heart, Persimmon, and Emerald Evergreen.

Some of the tomato babies planted in a south-sloping raised bed with Genovese Basil seedlings...

In other news, I learned at the ASAP board meeting last night that 250,000 print copies of the 2008 Local Food Guide are OUT!

You can get it in all sorts of places in WNC, and it's also available online HERE.

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