The Milkweed Diaries

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Peppers and cabbage

Cabbage is "heading up" --here are some of our cabbage babies (Early Jersey Wakefield) with some kale and the ever-persistant milkweed (on the right side between the two right-most cabbages) poking its head up in the middle of a veggie bed.

We are planting a bunch of pepper varieties -- Corno di Toro, an Italian heirloom (Horn of the Bull!), Black Hungarian, Pasilla Bajio (from Mexico, used in mole), Golden Treasure (another old variety from Italy), Long Purple Cayenne, Red Cheese Pimento, Hungarian Hot Wax (pictured below), Jimmy Nardello, Romanian Hot, and the very intriguing Orchid Pepper, of which a google image search yeilds nothing. What will it look like? Who can say. Baker Creek says it is ornamental, and the peppers are "orchid shaped." I eagerly await its fruiting.

Hungarian Hot Wax

Pasillo Bajio

Jimmy old farmers market favorite of mine ... we're growing starts from Sugar Creek Farm from seeds they saved last year.

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