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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday at the farmers market, I bought a Limbertwig apple from Barry for fifty cents. It was quite possibly the best apple I have ever eaten. Really. I feel confident in saying that those two quarters were the best fifty cents I've ever spent.

Barry, who first started planting apple trees 30 years ago, explained that this heirloom apple, one of several Limbertwig varieties, has been grown around here for a long time. It truly beat the heck out of Red Delicious.

I've spent lots of winter nights curled up with The Fruit, Berry, and Nut Inventory reading mouth-watering descriptions of heirloom fruit tree varieties, because I am really that much of a nerd. So I am always excited to try a new heirloom apple. This one took the cake.

If you live in Western NC, you can buy Limbertwigs and a bunch of other varieties at farmers markets around town. Now is the time! It's apple season in the mountains, and fifty cents will buy you a really outstanding taste experience.

Above: the remains of the Limbertwig

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