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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Invoking Spring

The snow is melting today, pussywillows are beginning to bloom, and the redwing blackbirds have returned.   The expectation of Spring is so thick you can taste it!  

It feels like time to summon Spring.  

by May Sarton

Come out of the dark earth 
Here where the minerals 
Glow in their stone cells 
Deeper than seed or birth. 

Come under the strong wave 
Here where the tug goes 
As the tide turns and flows 
Below that architrave. 

Come into the pure air 
Above all heaviness 
Of storm and cloud to this  
Light-possessed atmosphere.  

Come into, out of, under  
The earth, the wave, the air. 
Love, touch us everywhere  
With primeval candor. 

May Sarton



1 comment:

Dana said...

How lovely. And what a great picture of this May Sarton character. She looks like someone I could hang with. I sure am looking forward to spring. Boy oh boy, am I ever. Miss yall.