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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kick It Root Down: Planting Potatoes

Potato varieties.  Click to enlarge.

We planted the first of the potatoes today--four 40-foot rows plus a bit more.  Five varieties went in the ground today: a very old fingerling variety called Ozette; another fingerling, Rose Finn, a tasty favorite of mine; the famous and ubiquitous Yukon Gold; a beautiful pinky-white heirloom called Early Rose; and the silky-skinned Maris Piper.  All were ordered from Ronningers out of Colorado.  These varieties (pictured above) added up to 12 pounds of seed potatoes -- only 28 more pounds to plant!

Full-throttle garden season is about to begin.  Bring it!


Being at home said...

Oh how I miss potatoes. Just between you and me, they don't grow tasty potatoes in California, but shhh... don't tell anyone out here that, ok?

angie said...

Found you thru Fast Grow the Weeds. I knew when I clicked here and saw the potato photo that I will like your style! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

We're planning to try potatoes again, now that our 5000 cistern can get us through the dry periods. In the past though, the plants do OK but the yield is pitiful. I suspected voles. Suggestions?

And thanks for following me through a blog 'drought'!

Milkweed said...

Hi Ruby...Nice to meet you Angie...And Jack:

Well, hmmm. I don't know. Eliot Coleman says potatoes that are OVERwatered don't produce as much as those that are watered very little. He recommends hilling with compost and mulching heavily, and not irrigating.

I don't know about voles, either, except that we have some, and they are bad news in general. Apparently, Jack Russell terriers are "volecidal maniacs" according to one local farmer around here. Maybe you need some canine potato patrol help?