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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seed Saving Season

My kitchen is piled high with seeds drying on screens and sheets of newspaper at the moment, along with the end-of-season glut of imperfect peppers and tomatoes. We had our first killing frost on Friday night, and everything that needs to be kept warm and dry is now crammed into our tiny seven-hundred-and-something square foot house. Being surrounded by seeds feels very comforting somehow, though. All of that potential under one roof.

Look out for lingering pollinators

Red Zinger hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as red sorrel or roselle) drying for seed and tea

Texas Sage seeds drying (although why I bothered, I don't know - they self-seed so prolifically that saving seed is really gilding the lily, so to speak...I'll have some seed to give away and trade).



Zinnia seeds drying on a screen

Those beautiful Red Zinger calyxes again


Dana said...

Will you still save me a few of those sochan seeds that we talked about? Love ya.
ps I am in the library using the world wide web, and a man next to me is talking to himself and the computer quietly but very annoyingly. Gotta get out of here!!!

Milkweed said...

yes...sochan! xo