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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making Blackberry Mead

A bunch of people came over yesterday to pick blackberries, and to make some blackberry mead.

Sebastian, Janell, and Sandi have all been making honey wines for a while, so they schooled the rest of us.

We picked a ton of blackberries--some of which are pictured above with some edible flowers we threw in for good measure (borage, nasturtiums, anise hyssop, and calendula.

There was lots of gossip, laughter and singing as we picked, including some impressive renditions of Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers hits.

We mashed the blackberries up by hand, and then mixed the mash with local honey and water and poured the whole mix into a 6-gallon carboy. If all the fermentation goes as plan, we'll drink this mead at winter solstice.

For more information on making mead and other "wild" ferments, see Sandor Ellix Katz's website:

For mead recipes galore, see this link...

As you can see, things got increasingly sticky...

Mead on Foodista

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joseph said...

I don't think that Katz's book mentions it, but honey isn't a complete meal for yeasts... so eventually they stop working and you get — as I did — a very sweet mead. I late discovered "yeast nutrients" at a brewshop... But when I made cyser (cider mead) it came out nice and dry. I'd imagine that the blackberries will make that the perfect host for wild yeasts. I'm glad that I stumbled upon your blog!