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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shooting stars, feasting local, and other miscellaneous updates

Sunday eve we hosted a shindig for 3 friends who are all former WNC residents who now live in the Bay was a delightful gathering, including a hearty feast of mostly local food.

We had potato salad with celery and chives from the garden, green bean salad with fresh dill, a big giant green salad from the garden (some of the elements of which are pictured above) with edible flowers, beets and radishes, and fresh herbs, 4 different kinds of local cheeses including Spinning Spider's brie-like Camille (baked with local honey on top--haysuess!), bread from Loafchild Bakery and from Annie's, roasted garlic from the garden, and a big omelet with broccoli and basil and oregano from the garden. All of the produce that we didn't grow came from the farmer's market. Woohoo! Summer is here.

After lots of indoor and outdoor merriment, people started to trickle off to their homes, including none other than Dana-Dee of blogosphere fame. While hugging her good-bye, I looked up to the night sky and saw a shooting star right streak downward right at that instant! As you will read on D's blog, it was quite special and blogworthy.

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