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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anniversaries and Gratitude

And now for a break from the garden.

45 years ago today was the historic March on Washington:

And 25 years ago today, my dad drove and I rode in the passenger seat of a little blue Ford Fiesta from North Carolina to Washington, DC for the 20th anniversary march. This was during the Reagan years, I was 9 years old, and we were marching for "Jobs, Peace, and Freedom." We heard Stevie Wonder and Joan Baez sing, I swam in the reflection pool, and I experienced for the first time the feeling of standing together with thousands of people holding a shared vision for change.

So may it be. May peace prevail on earth. May justice rain down like water, like rain. Thank you to my dad for taking me to DC 25 years ago, and thank you to all of those who came before us, building a more just, sustainable world.

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Dana said...

Thanks for your notes and memories. Bud sent me this video today and I watched it in wonder. What a huge huge thing. I am amazed at the courage and the energy generated by all those people in the 60's. I don't really want to think our generation is lame, but sometimes I think that way. But really I know that there are movements of positivity and peace and people really working to find balance, and for that I am grateful. See you soon.