The Milkweed Diaries

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garlic harvest

Last night we started digging up the garlic, and as luck would have it, Melissa was here to school us in a far better method than we used last year for hanging it up to dry.

While I was cooking up chard, kale, mustards, and herbs to toss with pasta for dinner, Christopher and Melissa tied up all of the Inchelium Red and Polish Hardneck. Bud kept us entertained with a running stream of conspiracy theory and Mr. T videos.

Inchelium Red

This morning Christopher pulled the next variety of garlic, Transylvanian Artichoke, which turned out to be whoppingly huge.

Frankie looked on, stoned on catnip, from an adjoining garlic bed.

Frankie tripping

While C. pulled Transylvanian, I planted the last of the zephyr squash starts with Black Oil Seed sunflowers and Cherokee black beans in the bed where the Inchelium and Polish garlic had come out last eve. We used this same succession planting last year--the timing works well and the legumes seem to build the soil after the garlic is done.
Transylvanian Artichoke


Dana said...

Sounds like some good clean fun. Wisht I was there. I also wish I hadn't lost my camara because I really want to show you my garlic drying rack. I'll try to borrow my mom's. Look forward to partaking in some good (clean?) fun with you soon. Dana

dal(us) said...

like clean fun, too. me, i do.

Dana said...

Snuck that one in on me, didn't you, JDH IV... Nice. Very nice.