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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radishes....crunchy, spicy, and EASY

Here are some "Easter Egg" radishes we harvested this week...we interplanted them with Spanish Black radishes and Nantes carrots.

The radishes grew so fast, and were so easy.

They practically beg you to pull them when they're ready, bulging up out of the ground. Seeing the purple, pink, and white radishes of this variety nestled down in the dirt really does remind me of an egg hunt.

We've been eating them in salads, and the sheer profusion of them inspired me to make the first batch of kraut of the year, which should be super-radishey. I used almost all local produce--cabbage, beets, and walla walla onions from the farmer's market, radishes and dried last-year's dill from our garden, and some non-local carrots.

Mmmmm, it already smells great, krautey, and sour!

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